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Issue 1:
Emerging Counterfeit Messages

Issue 2:
Are You A Candidate For Being Duped?


 Most of the articles below appear on the Bible Answer Man pages of the Christian Research Journal web site. You can click on the titles below, or obtain originals from: A search for hundreds of other informative articles can be made on the CRI site. All articles are copyrighted by their respective authors and/or copyright holders.
       The articles on this page are here to serve the interests of pastors and parishioners seeking information that specifically applies to attacks on essential Christian doctrine. No monetary profit is gained through this web site.

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Brownsville Revival Leaders

Evangelical Appraisal of Contemporary Catholicism, Part 1

Evangelical Appraisal of Contemporary Catholicism, Part 2

Charsima Magazine
A look at Chrisma's "Heroes of the Faith"

Charismatic New Wave
Manifestations--is it the Holy Spirit or is it "psychic activity"?

Charles Stanley
About the Atlanta Baptist preacher and "In Touch" Ministries founder.

Counterfeit Revisited
Another look at Counterfeit Revival Leaders

Counterfeit Christianity 1
Rodney Howard-Browne And The "Toronto Blessing"

Counterfeit Christianity 2
Visionary Hoaxes and Revisionary History

Counterfeit Christianity 3
Separating Fact from Fabrication on the Pensacola Outpouring

Crisis Book
Ordering information for the book, Christianity in Crisis

Christians Criticizing Christians: Can It Be Biblical?

Cult of Compromise
Doctrinally sound Christians cannot afford a silence that results in complicity.

Eastern Orthodoxy1
What Evangelicals Should Know about Eastern Orthodoxy, Part 1

Eastern Orthodoxy2
A Summary Critique of the Book: Dancing Alone

Evaluate A Group
Evaluation form to help you determine the status of a group

Doctrinal Errors Exposed
Is exposing doctrinal errors heresy hunting or biblical mandate?

False Teachers
How to discern false teaching

Faith movement
What's Wrong With The Faith Movement (Part One): The Twelve Apostles of Another Gospel

Freedom from FM
Freedom from the Faith Movement: The Personal Testimony of Jeff Beard

God Biz
A Secular Writer Looks at Religious Charlatans

God Chasers Book Review
A close look at Tommy Tenney and The God Chasers

God Chasers/Tommy Tenney
Another look at Tenny and his book, God Chasers

Healthy Church
Ingredients for a Healthy Church

Hinn Book Review 1
A Summary Critique of Benny Hinn's Book: Lord, I Need a Miracle

Hinn Book Review 2
A Summary Critique of Benny Hinn's Book: Welcome, Holy Spirit

Hinn Quick Facts
Statements about Benny Hinn

Holy Spirit
The Indwelling of the Holy Spirit: What is meant when we affirm that the Holy Spirit is in us?

Homosexual 1
Homosexuality: Fact and Fiction

Homosexual 2
That Which Is Unnatural: Homosexuality in Society, the Church, and Scripture

Comments On An Evening with Rodney Howard-Browne

John Hagee
About The Teachings of John Hagee

Joyce Meyer
About The Teachings of Joyce Meyer

Meyer Quick Facts
Statements about Joyce Meyer

Kenneth Copeland
The Faith Movement (part 2) and Kenneth Copeland's Teachings

Judging Others
Are Christians Judgmental And Unloving?

King James Version Only
Answering the Allegations of KJV Only Advocates

Magic Apologetics
Equidistant Letter Sequencing (ELS), Also Know As "Magic Apologetics"

Make a Life
Achieving Maximum Success and Significance

Make a Life 2
How to Succeed the Biblical Way

Masonic Lodge
The Masonic Lodge And The Christian Conscience

A Hanegraaff Constituent Letter on Mormonism

Oneness Pentecostals
Oneness Pentecostals and a Cult TV Network (see also: T. D. Jakes and God Chasers article.)

Risky Growth Rules
Church-Growth Rules That Could Be Making Yours Sick

Seeker Churches
Pro And Con Viewpoint: The Seeker-Church Movement

Spiritual Gifts
Scripture vs. the Spiritual Gifts?

T. D. Jakes
Concerns About The Teachings Of T. D. Jakes

Televangelist Update
Where Are They Now? A Televangelist Update

The Untouchables
The Untouchables: Are 'God's Anointed' Beyond Criticism?

The Vineyard
A Response to Questions About: The Vineyard

Video Vicarage
A Look At Prime Time Preachers

Word of Faith Teaching
Ten Reasons to Reject Word of Faith Teaching


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